Saturday, September 12, 2009

fun fashun

K8 says....

Laid up in bed all day with the flu so I've been browsing the spring collections. Maybe it's the NyQuil, xtra strength Tylenol, tamiflu or gallons of Gatorade talking, err, writing, but there's not been anything so far to spark my fancy or blow my skirt up....yes, I'm ending a sentence with a I said - copious amounts of Gatorade. I do have to mention Jason Wu's collection - he does a stunning interpretation of vintage modern; my favorites were the flirty dresses in serious fabrics - not one ditsy floral in sight. I can see Mrs. Obama in any of these I do many women. I usually love Rag and Bone but this collection was played a little too safe. I know they have a thing going and it's been successful but I'd seen it before...walking the same runway in front of the same brick wall. I did however love love the shoes(although they looked more fall than spring to me) I always make sure to go back and view the details on because you often see some really cool things you don't necessarily notice in the front view - this is how I spotted the shoes.

In other news, I did my part to help out with "Fashion's Night Out" by lending a hand at my local Macy's and contributing my dollars to the unsteady economy. While taking a coffee break from folding and chatting I took a stroll past Liz Claiborne and loved it - Isaac is doing a fabulous job on re-inventing their brand. I can't make up my mind as to whether it's a good or bad thing that I liked his collection - I'm not your typical Liz customer. Great blazers, retro plaids, and the handbags are awesome - and although I can usually spot PVC croc from miles, they really fooled me. I think I'll head back in a few weeks when everythings 75% off and make out. In the end, I left Macy's with the signature tee of the evening, a gorgeous velvet Rachel by Rachel Roy dress(gonna try to make it work for office and evening), and sore feet. Check out Rachel.....can't beat the prices and the accessories are rad.

Really hope they make this a yearly event....Go Anna Wintour - that bitch makes shit happen!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

k8 says.....

I've been wanting to post about Angelica Houston for a long long time.....I finally found a few pictures that depict her coolness back in the day. she can pull off just about anything
kinda wish her and jack would have stayed together.........

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

k8 says...........spotted!!!

So August has been a month of concerts - it's been great. It started with the National in Central Park, All Points West was somewhere in the middle, and then Neil Diamond rounded it out last Friday at MSG! I have to say that the concert looks at Neil were to be expected(lots of khaki's, collared shirts(tucked in of course), and the occasional side pony tail and frosted lipstick(usually worn together). On the other hand, the scene at APW and national was a mix of the usual hipster stuff you see, and really cool, original, off-beat looks, usually worn by girls with short hair(ok, I'm bias but whatev - sometimes you have to toot your own horn). One girl who caught my eye, was rockin' this gold "wing-ed" headband of sorts...........and it must be her show attire, because I saw her at both concerts. Most of us would give anything to pull this off as effortlessly as she has.......kinda makes me want to get a little extra crazy with tomorrow's outfit.....


Saturday, April 12, 2008

K8 says.......

I love collaboration in fashion - it's the best. I especially love when designers step out of their comfort zone(and when I mean comfort zone, I mean budget) and create for target(Proenza Schouler) or Gap(Pierre Hardy - if you haven't nabbed a pair from his new shoe line, get some ASAP). It's important not to assume anything in fashion because you never know when one of them is going to pull a fast one.....Which brings me to my latest fascination, an ultra lux, "preppy with an edge" collection designed by Thom Brown for Brooks Brothers. TB, traditionally a menswear designer, is the 1st to design for BB's new "Black Fleece" label, in which he blended prep with cool untouchable designer undertones. It's tailored, slim cut, with newer proportions, everything comes back to those classic Ivy League colors. It's a collection of extremes, but if you were to wear the pieces seperately, they'd fit seamlessly with most anyone's wardrobe. I chose several a few of my favorite looks - one of them reminds me of the final scene in "Beetlejuice" when Winona Ryder dances in front of the staircase with the dead football players as a reward for getting a good grade on a test. Those who have seen it, know exactly what I'm talking about.

ciao for now

Monday, March 10, 2008

k8 says.....

Outerwear winter dressing should be considered very thoughtfully. if you live in a large city, take public transportation and generally walk everywhere, you know what I'm talking about. a great coat, no, a great couple of coats, is essential from october through march(hopefully by april it's warm enough to dust off the really great trench at the RL sample sale). i mostly notice sweaters when I'm out and about, but lately, it's coats, coats, coats.......and more coats. if anything's worth spending the most money, is a well designed, well made, this has got to be it. color doesn't really matter, as long as the lines are clean, simple and you can layer numerous sweaterrs, tanks and the occasional blazer underneath. sonia rykiel is famous for her knits, but she had some ubercool wovens on the runway - the white coat is a little impractical, and I threw in the picture of the dress because to me, there's nothing better than navy and black. if i were come cool, parisian girl, and money was no object - as I dream it won't be one day - sonia would BE my wardrobe. she's got to be over 70 years old, but hasn't lost her cool factor....something to aspire to.

her and her daughter also design a "slightly" better priced collection called sonia by sonia rykiel. check it.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

k8 says.....

I'm in love with menswear. it would be all i wear but I have to be careful(what with the short hair and all). there were only about 12 looks in all but i think that Boy by Band of Outsiders did the best menswear for fall. it's super tailored, extra clean, mostly dark(black and navy - my favorite), but then femmed up with touches like a fur collar and satin oxford pumps. the other day, i saw a woman wear a vest and a tie better than some men I've seen. it was inspiring - and she probably thought I had a staring problem. picture it: dark jeans, tall black boots, white shirt, navy vest(5 button) and a black knit tie.....I really don't know if it gets any better than that.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

k8 says

so this was one of the first things I saw the other morning.....all I have to say is that is that I wish I had this outfit(especially the horns, excuse me, antlers) for the Burns dinner a few weeks ago. check out the rest of "House of Holland's" Fall 08 show - the brights are cool, but they freak me out. there are a lot of things that would look really cool if they were paired down and worn with other things.